The passion of creating a place

Shops, Pilat studio, restaurants… this is what Elsa Sibuet like the most ! Creating a brand new identity for a unique experience.

For a commercial place, conceive a unique and authentic decor is as essential as it is to offer a flawless service. 

Create the right visual concept, the one that create an impact on those who come to ensure the sustainability of your project!

Interior Design is the art of combining optimization and aesthetics in a very harmonious way. Volumes, circulation, natural light, functionality… it is all about finding the perfect balance.

One of a kind
Interior Design

Creating a home for someone is getting into his intimacy, understand how people spend time in this living place.

Our home needs to be confortable, practical and suits us.

After designing the best way to optimise the space, comes the decorative dimension.

Combination of materials, colors, lights… to create a comfy, warm and harmonious universe.

The final touch, is brought by the furniture, the decoration, the art, the plants… which give character and a true identity to the place.

Astesi Blue
Show room

In the center of Lisbon, Rua Luciano Cordeiro 109B, Elsa Sibuet has made an excellent collaboration feat SEED Real Estate Agency.

In this 250m2, all the « home business » meets. From getting a new house or commercial local to fill-in it, all you need is here !

Astesi Blue office is in the heart of this amazing space, as the furniture pieces of Astesi Blue collection and impressive art pieces.

Astesi Blue

Since every project is unique, Elsa Sibuet design made to mesure furniture for you to get unique pieces that will suits perfectly into your place.

Curved lines, concave then convex, oppositions of materials, between matte and shiny, mixtures of unusual materials… the AstesiBlue collection offers an exceptional range of furniture.

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