Apartamento Chiado

This 80m2 apartment in the Chiado district of Lisbon was a global renovation for young investors who wanted to rent it out this property.

Like many apartments in the city, the challenge was to optimize natural light, bringing it into all rooms, even those without windows.

To do this, we had to make windows between the rooms and design special atmospheres for each room. For example, in the dining room, which has little natural light, the idea was to create a fairly dark and loaded atmosphere like those that can be found in a restaurant, fully assuming the lack of light and betting everything on the decor and atmosphere lights.

The other challenge was to optimize the bathroom block by creating a separate toilet and a shower cabin allowing the 2 rooms to use this key part of the apartment at the same time.

Thanks to our open minded customers, we were able to carry out for this project a mixture of new colors and materials and thus give birth to a rental property with a real personality, completely differentiating from other goods on the market.

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