This 80m2 apartment located in a building in the 70s in Graça district had the enormous potential to have large bay windows overlooking the east of Lisbon. The renovation was global from floor to ceiling.

To best meet the demand of our client, we imagined a feminine and elegant universe, where the curves come to surround the breathtaking view of the Lisboete sky.

To do this we have reshaped the openings by adding arches and curves. This makes it possible to magnify the view, as if it were a painting that we would frame.

We have also added mirrors across the windows to give the feeling of a continuity of the view, to simulate a balcony. As usual, we painted all the walls of the apartment in beige to give a warmer light. For the dominant color, the idea was to bring the outside inside, we used the sky blue in the main room. Finally, in each room, we used different wall papers with organic patterns which gives a real atmosphere and personality to the spaces.

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