This 200m2 apartment located in a 2000s building in Lapa district in Lisbon was in very good condition. The objective was then about to personalize the space and furnish it.

Our customers, a couple of young parents, wanted to take possession of the place with a unique decor, like them. For this project we designed and produce all the custom furniture, from the sofa and armchair, to the coffee tables via the sideboard. These are unique pieces that each meet a very particular customer’s need. The console behind the sofa, for example, has been studied to enhance an art book. Composed of an integrated easel into the top, the inclination is perfect for turning the pages.

In this atmosphere, the color chosen was the cactus green. So we woven a common thread from this color with the fabrics used in the furniture. The one we used for curtains, a natural linen with embroidered foliage has been used also on the double door to dress this elements beforehand without any charm. And to make the link with the vegetable side, the final touch was to accessorized the doors with brass handles imitating a branch. A real decoration tip!

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